~21~ 3:29 PM

Yesterday, I just step my foot into the age of 21. People say when we reach 21, we get much freedom. Our parents will less keep their eyes on us, allow us to do what we like. I guess I'm in the different case. Since I'm still primary student, I guess I already have this kind of freedom. Maybe this causing me not to appreciate what I have now. My parent never ask where am I going to, but they will once a while ask me to be careful on road. But I hope, after this, after this 21 years old had come to me, I will learn to behave myself. Learn how to respect, how to appreciate and how can I help my parent... 21 is nothing if we still act like we're 12..

~ReaL HoLiDays~ 8:45 PM

I guess this is my first "Real Holidays" after I entered UKM. I was just too "busy" preparing for my Exam P during my first year first semester's break, and it's almost using my 1 month of holiday. The next semester's break, I was forced to do my scholarship's attachment for 1 month at Menara Maxis. However I was very happy to get closer with other scholars. At least now I know their name, their handphone's numbers... Again, I need to prepare for FM exam during the next semester break. Nothing to do except study and doing exercises. But for this time, this semester break, I guess I've the longest Holidays, after spending almost 3 weeks in MASUM 2010 and another 1 week for the coming NCC, I guess I still have few weeks of free time for me to spend... The MASUM is ended with giving me a nice memory. I get my first Bronze medal for UKM in chess competition. It's a great game great memory for me. I miss all my teammates no matter the girls or the guys. The NCC is coming and I'm nervous with it, hope it can give me something new that I never expected before. But the NCC still got 1 week to go, and now i am SICK... So pity... And I don't know why today I will create a new post here, maybe it's because I'm sick and it's making me to get hardworking.... haha

~Study Week~ 5:11 PM

Should I say this week is my study week or my "rest" week? In my room, beside listening songs, play games and facebook, I guess the most time I spend on is sleep and sleep. Seeing friends start doing their revision for the final already, my heart wondering, why am I still don't wan take any action. Is it because my body getting older? or getting lazier? Since I enter UKM, my motivation level has been dropped to the lowest. Can anybody help me? I guess the help I need the most now is from you!!!! Mr Tan...

~LAZY=dark future~ 11:48 PM

being so lazy for this few weeks(guess already 3 weeks), I finally get the nice "return"... my Acuatrial Maths really not performs, but who to be blame? is me!!! kian seng is the one to be blame.. crazily lazy before Chinese New Year, and plan start study after the break... but what happen doesn't follow it... fail to plan = plan to fail, seems i can know this idiom better now.
Why the motivation that comes to me in the early year will gone so fast? I guess, time to learn self discipline.. must strike for better future, no pain no gain. Once get the pain must never repeat it, but seems saying is much easier than doing....

~Life goes on~ 2:00 PM

About last three weeks, I helped my college, KAB to get the third place in SUKEM for chess. Last Sunday, I just been selected to become UKM chess player. It's kind of fund and enjoyable for me. I am totally quite free for these few days, but this sweet days will end after this coming Chinese New Year break passed. I gonna be crazily busy for my training, assignments, presentations, mid-term test, oral test, competition and so on. This ends my bore bore University life. For now, I need kick away those illness from my body first.

Fried Maggie 1:50 PM

This early week is gonna be my terrible week. Keep stomachache, keep fever and keep lazying. Every time I take my dinner(Maggie Goreng) at al-Fariz, then sure the next day i will get stomachache. I guess something wrong with their maggie, may be expired already !!! Anyway, I am not gonna go there for Maggie Goreng anymore for this few weeks. Yesterday, my motivation keep burning and I had deleted my DOTa and CS games just now. Hopefully they wouldn't be reinstall in my laptop again. Let's fight for our future, our future is our dream! Do what you can for it before you feel regret.

Sick 10:45 PM

Last few days, my tooth suddenly feel pain. Then only realize the half out teeth is coming out again. It's really pain! Spend me almost one hour to finish my dinner. Even just open and close mouth, the pain still there. It turns to recover yesterday but today when I wake up, fever approach. I still got chess competition(SUKEM) today and tomorrow. In 5 games, I get 3 wins and 1 draw even in not well condition. Hopefully this illness will go away soon....